I deal with photography and design.
But there's no much to see here.
I live and work in Milan, Italy. Wow.

14dec > My interview about Carene at "ATP diary"
22nov > 20jan / "carene" @ Marsel Paradise, Milano.
27nov > 10dec / "mezzogiorno di vuoto" takeovering BUKA account.
15jul > 27aug / "Emporium Mega" @ F4 - Un'idea di fotografia, Fondazione Fabbri, Treviso.

Born 1987.
I studied design at Politecnico di Milano and photography at IUAV.
Designer here and there, but at Leftloft for most of the time. Now at Fjord.
Djing as Velasco. Many other things. Of course.

Portfolio available on request.

P +393334442431.
M francesco.villa@yahoo.it
I @frankievilla